5 MODS that RUINED our trucks...

by on July 30, 2019

What'S going on, you guys flew from custom, offsets custom offsets TV on the YouTube, and it is about time that we finally give you a build update on the f-350, because it's been a couple weeks. We bought it. It'S been chilling at the shop. So it's time to show you the progress. This is what we've done. Unfortunately, we've just pulled it into the hoist. It'S not actually even on the hoist it's just in the hoist and it's stuck. We do have like a thousand miles on it. So cos we've been driving it, but it's that I'm sorry we'll jump into the video now all right. So I don't want to offend anyone when I make this video, but the thing is we all have been there at some point. Even some of us here, I'm not gon na name names and we're not gon na admit that we ever did any of these modifications to our vehicles, but it happened. That'S how it goes. We were all sixteen or seventeen at some point other than if you're 15 right now and watching this, then I guess you weren't, but basically everybody that watches our channel was a kid at some point, and I know that because that's how life works and we did Modifications to our vehicles that I'm not gon na say we regret, but we maybe shouldn't have because they're questionable and quality and just questionable overall and they might look strange or they perform weird. They don't do what they say. They'Re gon na do or it's the cheap knockoff ones and we've all been there. Let'S just let's get that out of the way we've been there, we've done it. We all understand so jumping right into it, then we're going to cover five of the like worst mods or five of the mods, that ruined our vehicles and just go over those today so coming into it. Like I said, the first one has to do a suspension. Now suspension is expensive, I'm just gon na put that out there. Even if you buy a base model kit, chances are you're gon na, be spending at bare minimum a couple hundred dollars, but most of the time well over a thousand dollars. And if you want something that rides like a Cadillac like we keep getting emails about, be prepared to spend like three four five thousand dollars, depending on what you go with now, when you're, 16 or 17, you don't have that kind of money. At least I didn't. I'M speaking from experience, there was no way that I had that much cash saved up and I didn't even have a credit card because I was not 18 yet and didn't know what credit was so I couldn't do so. What everybody did does did do currently is doing in high school is cranking their keys, so on, like I think it. Oh three, two, oh seven classic Chevy 1500 is a great example. Torsion bar truck people will go in there. They take their half inch. Milwaukee m18 fuel impact and they just drive those straight up and it lifts the front end, which is great because that's what they wanted to do. They wanted to lift the front end, so they put bigger, wheels and tires on and then they realize that it rides. Like a brick, if you could take a brick and put it down the highway and it would bounce all over the place, that's how your truck rides now, but are you lifted yeah sort of kinda? You got the front end higher. That was your overall goal. It looks how you want, but it just rides like crap and we've all been there. We'Ve all done it, but if we're gon na you know give some advice here. Just by the leveling kit, you can get a leveling kit for cheap, like two hundred dollars say roughly, it really depends on what you're, getting especially on my portion of our trucks, they're pretty cheap to get leveling keys just go with that. Don'T crank your stock keys! Okay, yes, I did it. I had a ranger one time I cranked the keys on that. It rode like crap, we're just gon na get that out of the way moving on to the next one. So a first mod that many many people do to their vehicle is exhaust, and now the options are basically endless when it comes to what you're. Putting on your truck, but when it comes to the bad form of exhaust or something that we wouldn't want you to do, that would be straight pipes now. I am guilty of this. I'M gon na say that I feel like I've done. Basically, every single one of these - and I said I wasn't gon na, say names, but I can say my own: that's fine, I'm gon na! Do it just about every vehicle that I've owned, especially when I was younger. I got it so get next day to the muffler shop instead cut those suckers off, because I want straight pipes and every kid in my high school that had their 97 f150 had either straight pipes or cherry bomb', and they were loud as heck. There was no back pressure for your motor and we just gassed it everywhere. We went straight to the floor as loud as possible because we thought that was the coolest thing ever and now that I'm older. I know that that's not necessarily good for your vehicle and it's not that cool to be really loud because of one simple reason: if you are across the block and you do a Burnout and there's a cop and he's over there, you're really loud, he can hear You he's gon na come over and get you that's the problem. If you have a truck, that's not quite so loud, you can go screw around over there, and this guy is over here. He'S just gon na keep eating this doughnut he's just he's just hanging out. So it's great! So if you're gon na put exhaust system on your truck look into something quality, don't just go for the cheapest option, because there are a ton out there on Amazon and eBay and they're called MTM motorsports and our PR whatever. Because they just have random letters. And you don't know the quality of those things, but you read through the list and it says aircraft grade aluminum or it has some 10.1 steel and it makes you feel like you're, getting a quality piece of equipment when really you're. Probably not, and you don't have any gaskets and the welds aren't good and the whole thing falls apart. So if you're gon na spend the money on exhaust, don't spend $ 200 just go ahead and buy an actual true exhaust system, because not only will it sound better, it won't be obnoxiously loud and rat feet unless you're going forward and go ahead and do it. But it also will actually help performance versus just having no back pressure at all and just winging it. The next one number three we've been here: we've done it, it's called Plasti Dip. Custom offsets has done it requested it, the entire truck. We wouldn't recommend it. Don'T do it it's it's terrible! It'S a pain in there to take off. Why did we consider plastidip Ahmad? You probably have seen this on the Internet. Hashtag plastidip is not a mod. Well, you know it's great for badges. If you're, trying to black out your badges or you want to black out your drill, it's cool, it works good. You know it goes on nicely, but the biggest issue is you can't take it off. I know it's marketed that you can just peel it off, but it doesn't work like that. We did a whole truck, it took forever to get off and then the biggest downfall probably isn't actually taking it off, because there's a good chance. If you spend the money to get your whole vehicle professionally dipped you like that look, you wanted to go for a matte paint job, but paint jobs are $ 6,000 and plastidip for a vehicle as $ 1,000. So it's just way cheaper to do it. That way, that's why people do it. If you take a truck off-road or if you drive your truck down the street and there's any sort of dust out there, it clings to it because Plasti Dip is a rubber. So literally, everything sticks to it and it basically like eats its way into the Plasti Dip, and you can pressure wash it. It won't come off. You can sit there and scrub on it and it won't come off. So then, you're, like alright I'll, put some elbow grease into it. We'Re gon na really scrape on this we're gon na we're gon na get the dirt out of my plastidip, because I took my plastic tip, avalanche mudding and now it's covered in everything that was black. Now looks Brown well now you tear the plat to dip, and now your truck is peeling in places you like alright I'll, just grab this cannon I'll just fill in some of the spots, and now it's uneven and blotchy and it just doesn't look good Plasti Dip Is not a mod, don't do it? I'M sorry. If you have Plasti Dip on your truck, I'm not trying to offend you. I'M just saying speaking from experience, Plasti Dip bad choice. Then we have classy tip wheels. I'M just gon na say this: don't if you want new wheels, come with coconuts a deck out soft plugs. We touched briefly on exhaust, but for the next point I'm just gon na call it like poor man's performance mods, because you walk into autozone you head over to aisle 7. You go past the cashier you're like scuse me. Sorry, I got ta get this. You see that big, shiny, cold air intake and you're, like that's the one I got ta, have it it's just a plastic tube that they've made appear to be chrome and it's got your blue filter on the end, because it's awesome and who wouldn't want a colored Filter but the issue of that is that kits like $ 40 and it's not actually a cold air intake, because your cone is still in the engine bay right next to your engine. We'Re super hot, so you've basically made a short RAM intake or a hot air intake, and it doesn't actually help the performance of your vehicle. But I can totally see why you spent for $ 40, because if you want the K,

CHEAP or FREE Truck mods!!!

by on July 30, 2019

It'S gon na be a woman alright. So today we have cheap or free Duramax, mods supplies to LML owners or really any Duramax generation, and this actually applies to really most truck owners in general for a lot of these, and if you are new to the channel, please consider subscribing. I got a lot of truck content as well as some what we hope right there. Sorry content coming this winter, for you be riding up in Revelstoke a lot this year as well as down in, like Idaho, Washington will try for Montana and Wyoming. So, let's get right into it, so first up we have a little. I know a lot of people already probably have this and excuse my very dirty truck just got down move down to Arizona from a long 5,000 mile road trip. So first one is going to be this little guy right here. It'S just a USB splitter reason. I say it's a cheap, cheaper, free, mod. It'S they're only a couple bucks less than five bucks and normally, but in my in the LML trucks that have have the navigation centers like this. They have the USB port right here in here as well as right here, but when you plug in your iPhone or Android, or anything like that, it'll come up on the screen as carplay it just kind of avoids having that pop up and whatnot. So just having this plugged and it just charges the phone, so it just makes it a little bit nicer to be able to do that. Normally, you can get these at like gas stations or something like that. This one right here is a really low profile, one which I really like it sits in there really low compared to most one that stick up, and I just have ugly, in my opinion, and probably in a future video I'll, be going over how to route it From here down through the center console here up through somewhere, where I can mount it to right there, which will go over here in just a second okay next up, we have this change drawer, just a extra little things about 40 bucks from GM. If you can get them online, I think for 38 or something like that. It'S just really nice to be able to have extra space to build up instead of all the way down in the bottom there, which is already just packed with the crap and then also on the bottom here with little hidden storage spot. But you just lift that out and there's extra storage down there you can actually take out all right. Next up is going to be these little two round guys right here. If you don't already have these, these are just magnetic phone holders. Essentially it comes it's about. Twelve dollars it's on Amazon, I'll link it in somewhere on the video here or as well as in the description, but you basically just need to put two or one the metal inserts that come with. They come indicate on the back of your phone or on inside the case, so this is the case for my phone use, with two little metal inserts that I talked about. I have an iPhone 7 plus, so it's just a little bit bigger phone, so it comes with two of the round ones, two of the longer rectangular ones. I put two in there as well as used two on there. Look really nice about that phone holder. Is that it holds the phone and they're so nice on those really bumpy road going up into a snowmobile territory, so we're doing a lot of log Road. All I think you have to watch out for is that sometimes it will hold these mounts out a little bit, so you just have to kind of like push your phone on there, and that's not that often at all. It'S maybe once a month worth if I accidentally pull it off somehow and it pulls that out but holds it and they're really nice, that's been on there for about eight months now, through a full season of summer, go riding last year and no issues all right. Next up we're gon na switch around to the driver's side. This is an obd2 splitter. Essentially, it just plugs in right here to or woody to port, and then I just hung the wires or sorry-sorry zip-tied the wires up above there, so that they would be able to hang down a little bit. I still need to organize them a little bit better. Just because I don't want them hanging down this bar like this and as well as getting in what in the way of the parking brake here. But right now have it plugged in to my edge, monitor right now, and I ran the wiring just down and plugged. It in right here so again, I need to kind of hang this up a little bit more, so it's not hanging down like that, but I have not noticed any differences in it. I'Ve plugged in a nobody to scanner, while the edges plugged in notice nothing that affected the obd2 scanner or the edge. What I have planned in the future is running the amp research boards, replacing the stock ones here and plug it into the obd2 port right here. As well as just having a spare over t2 port, so I don't have to continue unplugging this to be able to use everything all at once. I'Ve had really good luck with it. No issues whatsoever with it. This one was about ten dollars shipped on Amazon, again I'll link that in the description below stuff on the outside of the truck here, you can see these ABS rain guards. I love these things. They are low-profile. They don't stick out. I hate rain guards that stick out there about fifty fifty something dollars between fifty and sixty bucks, shipped on Amazon, as well for the LMO okay. So this next mod is probably one of my most favourite ones. So far it's free! I don't know if this applies to a lot of the older trucks on the LML side. This is probably one of the things that I have not seen too many people do. Yet if you have kids, I would definitely suggest probably not doing this one, but me being, I don't have any kids, I love it. Basically, it's the rear child seat loop that comes out above right here and kind of see it right here. This little loop right here whenever I would look in the rearview mirror, I would see that stupid little loop, looking like it was a piece of electrical wiring just sitting here how you're gon na need to remove that you basically need to put the rear seats up, Like that, if you have one of these shows, you might need to take it out, but you'll need to remove the jack as well as you'll have to loosen, will actually take off. Basically the rear seats, the bolts or nuts. Here this one back here, but you basically need to take all those off push the seats forward enough to get a bolt on it. So right there is where it bolts in it's just a single. I want to say it was a 17 or 19. I'M not sure if I can tell oh sorry it was a torx. You just need to get the rear seats as far forward as possible and then be able to get a torx on their bill to get that off and just pulled right out free mud. The last two have to do with the rear of the truck. First, one is the LED reverse lights. They come with a halogen bulb from the factory, but everything else is LED. So I wanted to switch over to an LED six months, or so six, seven months or more actually, since then, and I've had no issues. The only issue that had initially on install, I didn't have the bulb on these drivers are on the passenger side here in Nova, so it's actually popped out was actually just rattling around inside the housing. As soon as I pushed it back in, it was fine. We wish you sense, and it looked great, but traitor gives off a lot better, a lot cleaner, blue-white and, if you're asking me if they are brighter at night. Yes, they are a little bit brighter. It'S not a crazy amount, but it is enough enough to tell - and just in case my LED reverse lights do go out. I do keep my stock bulbs in this little bag here to keep it in the truck just in case when that's all I've got for you today, if you'd like to give it a thumbs up. If you have any other questions or anything, you think I missed leave a comment below and we'll see you next time. Thanks, [, Music, ]

5 Trucks That Won’t Last 100,000 Miles

by on July 30, 2019

Do you want a rollcall? Do you want a rollcall hashtag? Send it that's great? So these are three things you need to know before: buying the diesel trucks, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ]. What'S up guys, so I finally hit two thousand subscribers. That is super cool. I never thought that I would hit two thousand this quick thanks. Everybody. Let us subscribe and watches my videos. I really appreciate it. Three things you need to know before buying a diesel truck number one. Beetles are more expensive than gases. I know. That'S obvious, but like for my truck it's a 2005 and for what I paid, I definitely could have gotten like a gas truck. That'S five. Six, seven years, newer, with lower miles still in great shape, diesels are just more expensive and gas trucks and, on that same note, don't overpay for your truck there's a lot of guys. You know with these 25 year old farm trucks and they think it's a diamond in the rough, because it's a diesel, that's not the case. Diesel'S do hold their value as long as they're taken care of there's a lot of trucks out there that have 300,000 miles bodies rusted out underneath shot, but they think they're still going to get 25 grand fuller, don't overpay for the trucks number two on the list Is understanding that maintaining the truck is very expensive? For example, I use my truck again for an oil change. I use rotella t6. It'S about 21 bucks, a gallon. I need four gallons. Every oil change the truck holds 15 quarts, four gallons there's about $ 84 and then my feet on my oil filter. It'S about 20 bucks. I used motorcross oil filters and that's not including any oil additives that I use. I'Ve been using R of X as an example. It costs me about $ 65 on Amazon store, two little bottles of it. So you know every every 5,000 miles it's about $ 160 for an oil change fuel filters every 10,000 miles. I got to change both fuel filters. The truck has two fuel filters I just bought. I just did that those fuel filters Motorcraft ran also there's about $ 42 for both so and then diesel fuel itself, you know sometimes it's hit or miss, seems like. Sometimes it's more expensive than gas, and sometimes it's cheaper, regular maintenance, diesel truck parts they're just a lot more expensive than gas truck credits, and the third tip is to understand and learn about the motors. Now, I'm definitely not a diesel mechanic. I don't ever claim to be, but when I was first looking for a diesel before I even wanted to drive, I knew I was going to get a six. Oh no. I was open to Cummings and Duramax and power strokes. I was just trying to find the trust that fit me best and actually, if you want me to do a video on why I chose a stick, so I can do that. Just let me know in the comments, but anyway after I did decide on the 6.0. I was on forums, I was watching YouTube videos. I was on Facebook pages. I was doing all the research that I can to learn the ins and outs of this of this motor. It makes going into owning the truck a heck of a lot easier. For example, just learning what good oils to use what good filters, what good additives you know, just regular maintenance that needs to be done on the truck learning the goods. The bads obviously was my truck. It was not hard to find the badge it's pretty uh, pretty common, what's bad with these trucks, but still going into buying this truck, I knew what to look for so once you figure out whether the come in under a max of power, strokes, there's plenty of Forums you got to take what you can from it watch youtube videos. I know, there's a couple: big YouTube: mechanics like power, stroke help and diesel Petron. I know bezel check line has passed away, but power stroke help both those guys post a lot of good information on 6os and power strokes in general, and I learned a lot some of them. So that's going to do it for the video. I hope you enjoyed it if you stuck to the end, give the video a thumbs up for not already subscribed. Please subscribe I'll, definitely post in a lot most Excel. Videos and diesel truck videos in general. Thanks again have a great day. 
Ranger two antara by trucks the list I, scribble, 300 all both less than you wan after so tight that could fall true. We stand for, your page man, jack spectacular, quality car. Now the first one is the sunshine: 2000 for the 2015 george henry axel various you have tank show per page well eggs box melange old, cheese, mazurek, some, costs, a, furry moralists, have repair. I don't expect to know staff and one. Big try not to go moar s iii, nathan, nathan, praise god, l'auberge pickup truck antonio de te, they come, for, narrower, nyssa, netherla, her, bali, without wax the video, reliable trucks, my last customers around him and disadvantage london park. Economical concern isa, so glasses you bring truck company so hines theory of the mizan ty nadan extract afterwards, get thickened 100 right next to, trouble-free 2000 my team who had greenprint in, well, women, young dutch racing days and trucks , airbags, tribal trucks since via a stab. In orbe chrysler cassy the quali sono was in 2019, via chrysler and also for a long time at home, another 15 harry pickups for power, steering brabos how, there is dialect shark operating system. You can work in a, template, couple of gigantic rock lee malone students, so about a hundred, your, house takes a pink or few months ago that tarsis, then, see the vlm and afellay to blow your code through chrysler dc well who the spartan renders would like to hear Once at the faction and izar stores that, you already oil or few weeks, a review, my god and there is breaking down already guest to such a UK, as one, but sana national, 1515 malibu the drivers times paper and it will there was a drain In one was so say, but, they, have, a good ball, the right side, texts lab and and then leader this is one. Place where the beak is tuning, sons, skasely from other people's sting me. Why why don't buy one? You so often you might add greenhouses work in the dealership, I understand your home correct liander warranty, if you shine in the sun and squeeze words like them. Oh it's not the computer up to date. To fix and up-date the show was a, just right but they're not interested in the whole new transmissions. In the cost fortune this year the slidebar with software update, you off and so to talk new packs it's kms to tell force and the translation, thanks? You what, should it be old then he will. We show another transmission frame, concert hall rally, star for which I, my mini first place and you're ready yet because in such craziness between the consumer and manufacture. After the lunch truck being covered, getting, johan, it's right next to trouble-free one. New shabbies silverado with what, for sander and you yes, sanaa machines, on foot in a race, under jason engine in the soundtrack, looking for john lake sibbo gb black up truck micros take, jerry city, demona consolation, on the reason that big engine sisters big engines Can handle could push for without engines for science. There is a. Gigantic mistake, for band reasons. Here's to big green, snipers the correct do not forget my lodge where were people, woman above all, needed, after which, gut, have. Already cares margin, generate hooijmaijers wars get much if you prob I support a for solar engine, in which your skills margin and how I was it. Spins train to much so via smudger in so, tight yes, there, harder and a case and band in real life conditions; where, your powerpoint, stands for, all babbled and erratic the history, gee m for. John vengeance is mine: much more direct, nozbe, eyeliner partners, anne someren son knowledge city, gadgets, imaginary the gon after putting a turbo diesel engine in the tank next year, which can you barry asthma that boy in the straw in the diesels, there may be, bertolini gasoline engine parts and The coil sociogram on, your channel, you can get one, gate without engine and personal becomes more at home and paribas, you just how they seriously tractor and recognize. You remember, but, here, Laurels Charlie was shortly after three favor for trucks, I was the front. Traction is well the hit him no rubber band, better get margin and I will be proud of being the cursor, rome with the drivers, who support. Oh yes, so zero force. Film is more like going to jorah. We now so well with the word and the cape in him and my talk about you often argue and John Mayer, I am normally there for so without engine I found in one. Full-Size backup is a gift how save and aluminum blogs, aluminum and had promises, you see otherwise see flowers with what tm fishing and barbecuing agree but yes, Muslims government, as role manager the grill, he would said nothing to do, shelly silverado white for solaredge The tumor the black, I organized a dollar a long time. But adriana to trouble-free extract airmiles the hanger. Bag. Maas is the number age, 3 a, other jeee and panic become super ash to greenwich s

The TRUTH About Buying Ebay Truck Parts

by on July 30, 2019
What's up guys?
Welcome to the channel in today's video, I want to talk a little bit about buying Amazon and eBay parts for your trucks and what to expect when you kind of take the less expensive route in truck parts.

So when I first bought my truck with it being a 12 year old truck and just living here in Michigan, the weather's terrible in the winter, the roads are awful. I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I in parts when you can get you know just about the same, look and spend about half as much so there's three specific Parts I want to talk about on the truck these parts. Are you depart from Amazon or Ebay and there is more websites more reputable websites that you know their quality is definitely a lot better and you know you're going to get what you pay for. So, let's start with the grill, the grill, I'm sure. Most of you know if you've seen my other videos, I bought the grill from eBay I paid roughly $ 150 for it and honestly the grill has held up fine for the last about two years. The only complaint I have is so I'm not going to show you but pretty much the grill how its hold on to the front clip of the truck there's.

I think four screws that hold the top in and then the bottom, I believe, there's five clips and these clips there for this specific grill. They are very flimsy and you have to be really delicate when you're actually installing the grill, because they break really easy. I'Ve. Actually taken this grill off of the truck a few times for being painted and stuff like that, and just from removing the grill a couple times, one of the clips actually is busted. It'S all the way, all the way over. On the left side, you can kind of tell the there's a little bit of play in the grill. It'S not enough to really cause any. You know it's not hurting anything with it being like that. The other side here, obviously a lot less play, because the clips are an all intact there. So ii talked about my ears. I have a lot of people. Ask me about the mirrors, the mirrors. I bought off ebay as well same as the grill really with the mirrors. The only thing that bothered me were there was two things, so I knew I was going to want to paint these. This top cap, like a lot of trucks, do to color match the truck, and I didn't know this before about the mirrors, but these with these being like a knockoff brand Mir. These claw top caps are not removable. I thought they were. I spent like an hour trying to get these off and researching how to do it, because I mean you can't really tell from from what it looks like it looks like these cats are move, I mean, and I I didn't know that these weren't, the the OEM Style are removable. I don't think in here. This is sick, so anyway, sorry so yeah. The these caps are not removable and the last. The second thing that kind of bugs me, you probably can't tell, but so the top mirror there's two section to these mirrors. Obviously, these this bottom part is perfectly normal, just like a regular stock mirror, but the top this glass is a cheaper glass. It kind of gives you a slight like the fisheye lens look you've seen a fisheye lens on a camera.

You know how it kind of everything looks a little distorted and it's not it's not a huge deal, but it's still you got to take into consideration when you're spending just about half of what you would on a better quality mirror. These mirrors I paid under two hundred dollars for the set off eBay, and I know a lot of guys with these super duties - the Oh 500 sevens when they want to run the Oh, a style. Well, actually, the website is like one a Auto and the mirrors on there range from like 250 to 450 and with those you can remove the cap and I'm sure it's a much better quality glass and the third knockoff part. On my trick. I want to talk about. Is this third rear brake light? I think I paid like twenty-five dollars for on Amazon. I'Ve had it on the truck for a few months and up until like two weeks ago, everything has been fine but like to mix ago. I noticed it started to build up a lot of condensation inside and at first it was just sorry at first. It was just along the bottom, but eventually over a few days, the entire lens here or the casing rather was completely filled with condensate, and I thought that it was going to be junk. After that I thought. Maybe the LEDs would burn out, but I was actually surprised a few days after I came out and I noticed that the condensate slowly had decreased and now about a week later, there's nothing in there. So I think I lucked out, but I know, there's third brake lights out there by like recon, and you know more well known brands that you're not going to have that problem and you're, but you're going to spend maybe two three times the price.

Alright guys. I hope you enjoyed the video, like I said when you're on a budget and you're not trying to spend hundreds of hundreds of dollars on aftermarket parts, eBay and Amazon is a great way to get parts. As long as you take care of them, they will last - and it's proven on my truck and it's just as good as those name-brand parts that you're going to spend double or triple the price. This is your first time watching the video hope you liked it. I hope you check out some more of my videos in that. If you do like what you see you subscribe, let's see how be uploading this on Tuesday Saturday I'll be going to a diesel event in Centerville Michigan.

It's a dyno, sled pull and a show and shine diesel event, so I'm going to make a whole trip out of it. I think I'm going to compress it all to one video we'll see so much content. I film should be a good time so watch out for that, hopefully I'll get that video those videos up, let's see the event Saturday, so hopefully I can get those videos posted, maybe that weekend Sunday or you know early next week. So if you suck it in, please give this video a thumbs up, and I will see you next time.

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