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It'S gon na be a woman alright. So today we have cheap or free Duramax, mods supplies to LML owners or really any Duramax generation, and this actually applies to really most truck owners in general for a lot of these, and if you are new to the channel, please consider subscribing. I got a lot of truck content as well as some what we hope right there. Sorry content coming this winter, for you be riding up in Revelstoke a lot this year as well as down in, like Idaho, Washington will try for Montana and Wyoming. So, let's get right into it, so first up we have a little. I know a lot of people already probably have this and excuse my very dirty truck just got down move down to Arizona from a long 5,000 mile road trip. So first one is going to be this little guy right here. It'S just a USB splitter reason. I say it's a cheap, cheaper, free, mod. It'S they're only a couple bucks less than five bucks and normally, but in my in the LML trucks that have have the navigation centers like this. They have the USB port right here in here as well as right here, but when you plug in your iPhone or Android, or anything like that, it'll come up on the screen as carplay it just kind of avoids having that pop up and whatnot. So just having this plugged and it just charges the phone, so it just makes it a little bit nicer to be able to do that. Normally, you can get these at like gas stations or something like that. This one right here is a really low profile, one which I really like it sits in there really low compared to most one that stick up, and I just have ugly, in my opinion, and probably in a future video I'll, be going over how to route it From here down through the center console here up through somewhere, where I can mount it to right there, which will go over here in just a second okay next up, we have this change drawer, just a extra little things about 40 bucks from GM. If you can get them online, I think for 38 or something like that. It'S just really nice to be able to have extra space to build up instead of all the way down in the bottom there, which is already just packed with the crap and then also on the bottom here with little hidden storage spot. But you just lift that out and there's extra storage down there you can actually take out all right. Next up is going to be these little two round guys right here. If you don't already have these, these are just magnetic phone holders. Essentially it comes it's about. Twelve dollars it's on Amazon, I'll link it in somewhere on the video here or as well as in the description, but you basically just need to put two or one the metal inserts that come with. They come indicate on the back of your phone or on inside the case, so this is the case for my phone use, with two little metal inserts that I talked about. I have an iPhone 7 plus, so it's just a little bit bigger phone, so it comes with two of the round ones, two of the longer rectangular ones. I put two in there as well as used two on there. Look really nice about that phone holder. Is that it holds the phone and they're so nice on those really bumpy road going up into a snowmobile territory, so we're doing a lot of log Road. All I think you have to watch out for is that sometimes it will hold these mounts out a little bit, so you just have to kind of like push your phone on there, and that's not that often at all. It'S maybe once a month worth if I accidentally pull it off somehow and it pulls that out but holds it and they're really nice, that's been on there for about eight months now, through a full season of summer, go riding last year and no issues all right. Next up we're gon na switch around to the driver's side. This is an obd2 splitter. Essentially, it just plugs in right here to or woody to port, and then I just hung the wires or sorry-sorry zip-tied the wires up above there, so that they would be able to hang down a little bit. I still need to organize them a little bit better. Just because I don't want them hanging down this bar like this and as well as getting in what in the way of the parking brake here. But right now have it plugged in to my edge, monitor right now, and I ran the wiring just down and plugged. It in right here so again, I need to kind of hang this up a little bit more, so it's not hanging down like that, but I have not noticed any differences in it. I'Ve plugged in a nobody to scanner, while the edges plugged in notice nothing that affected the obd2 scanner or the edge. What I have planned in the future is running the amp research boards, replacing the stock ones here and plug it into the obd2 port right here. As well as just having a spare over t2 port, so I don't have to continue unplugging this to be able to use everything all at once. I'Ve had really good luck with it. No issues whatsoever with it. This one was about ten dollars shipped on Amazon, again I'll link that in the description below stuff on the outside of the truck here, you can see these ABS rain guards. I love these things. They are low-profile. They don't stick out. I hate rain guards that stick out there about fifty fifty something dollars between fifty and sixty bucks, shipped on Amazon, as well for the LMO okay. So this next mod is probably one of my most favourite ones. So far it's free! I don't know if this applies to a lot of the older trucks on the LML side. This is probably one of the things that I have not seen too many people do. Yet if you have kids, I would definitely suggest probably not doing this one, but me being, I don't have any kids, I love it. Basically, it's the rear child seat loop that comes out above right here and kind of see it right here. This little loop right here whenever I would look in the rearview mirror, I would see that stupid little loop, looking like it was a piece of electrical wiring just sitting here how you're gon na need to remove that you basically need to put the rear seats up, Like that, if you have one of these shows, you might need to take it out, but you'll need to remove the jack as well as you'll have to loosen, will actually take off. Basically the rear seats, the bolts or nuts. Here this one back here, but you basically need to take all those off push the seats forward enough to get a bolt on it. So right there is where it bolts in it's just a single. I want to say it was a 17 or 19. I'M not sure if I can tell oh sorry it was a torx. You just need to get the rear seats as far forward as possible and then be able to get a torx on their bill to get that off and just pulled right out free mud. The last two have to do with the rear of the truck. First, one is the LED reverse lights. They come with a halogen bulb from the factory, but everything else is LED. So I wanted to switch over to an LED six months, or so six, seven months or more actually, since then, and I've had no issues. The only issue that had initially on install, I didn't have the bulb on these drivers are on the passenger side here in Nova, so it's actually popped out was actually just rattling around inside the housing. As soon as I pushed it back in, it was fine. We wish you sense, and it looked great, but traitor gives off a lot better, a lot cleaner, blue-white and, if you're asking me if they are brighter at night. Yes, they are a little bit brighter. It'S not a crazy amount, but it is enough enough to tell - and just in case my LED reverse lights do go out. I do keep my stock bulbs in this little bag here to keep it in the truck just in case when that's all I've got for you today, if you'd like to give it a thumbs up. If you have any other questions or anything, you think I missed leave a comment below and we'll see you next time. Thanks, [, Music, ]

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