OEM vs Aftermarket Truck Parts

Question is: Is it better to use OEM or aftermarket parts for your truck?

If you take your truck to an independent truck shop, you will most likely get a mixture of aftermarket and OAM parts most dealerships. We use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. However, some dealers do sell aftermarket parts here are some pros and cons of both pros of aftermarket parts.

There are less expensive than OEM parts. Quality can be equal to OEM and in some cases you might end up with a better part than you started with. There'S more variety: there are many companies that make aftermarket parts cons of aftermarket parts. Quality varies greatly the same. You get what you pay for rings true here, to keep costs down. Some aftermarket parts are sold without a warranty. The process of OEM truck parts easier to choose your part. If you go to the parts counter at the dealership and ask for any part, you usually get one type, you get a greater assurance of quality. The OEM parts should work exactly as the one you're replacing usually the OEM parts come with a warranty, most automakers back out there. Only in parts with one year warranty and some parts, even more cons of OAM parts. Oem parts are more expensive than aftermarket parts. We only find most times at the dealer, quality may not be superior.

You'Ve paid the extra money for an OEM part, hoping that it was vastly better than they have to market part, but then that might always be the case. Do your research and choose the right part for your truck? I hope this helped. If you have questions let us know subscribe to our YouTube channel for other helpful videos and connect with us on facebook visit our web site. Otr performance comm from information till next time, keep hauling!

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