The TRUTH About Buying Ebay Truck Parts

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Welcome to the channel in today's video, I want to talk a little bit about buying Amazon and eBay parts for your trucks and what to expect when you kind of take the less expensive route in truck parts.

So when I first bought my truck with it being a 12 year old truck and just living here in Michigan, the weather's terrible in the winter, the roads are awful. I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I in parts when you can get you know just about the same, look and spend about half as much so there's three specific Parts I want to talk about on the truck these parts. Are you depart from Amazon or Ebay and there is more websites more reputable websites that you know their quality is definitely a lot better and you know you're going to get what you pay for. So, let's start with the grill, the grill, I'm sure. Most of you know if you've seen my other videos, I bought the grill from eBay I paid roughly $ 150 for it and honestly the grill has held up fine for the last about two years. The only complaint I have is so I'm not going to show you but pretty much the grill how its hold on to the front clip of the truck there's.

I think four screws that hold the top in and then the bottom, I believe, there's five clips and these clips there for this specific grill. They are very flimsy and you have to be really delicate when you're actually installing the grill, because they break really easy. I'Ve. Actually taken this grill off of the truck a few times for being painted and stuff like that, and just from removing the grill a couple times, one of the clips actually is busted. It'S all the way, all the way over. On the left side, you can kind of tell the there's a little bit of play in the grill. It'S not enough to really cause any. You know it's not hurting anything with it being like that. The other side here, obviously a lot less play, because the clips are an all intact there. So ii talked about my ears. I have a lot of people. Ask me about the mirrors, the mirrors. I bought off ebay as well same as the grill really with the mirrors. The only thing that bothered me were there was two things, so I knew I was going to want to paint these. This top cap, like a lot of trucks, do to color match the truck, and I didn't know this before about the mirrors, but these with these being like a knockoff brand Mir. These claw top caps are not removable. I thought they were. I spent like an hour trying to get these off and researching how to do it, because I mean you can't really tell from from what it looks like it looks like these cats are move, I mean, and I I didn't know that these weren't, the the OEM Style are removable. I don't think in here. This is sick, so anyway, sorry so yeah. The these caps are not removable and the last. The second thing that kind of bugs me, you probably can't tell, but so the top mirror there's two section to these mirrors. Obviously, these this bottom part is perfectly normal, just like a regular stock mirror, but the top this glass is a cheaper glass. It kind of gives you a slight like the fisheye lens look you've seen a fisheye lens on a camera.

You know how it kind of everything looks a little distorted and it's not it's not a huge deal, but it's still you got to take into consideration when you're spending just about half of what you would on a better quality mirror. These mirrors I paid under two hundred dollars for the set off eBay, and I know a lot of guys with these super duties - the Oh 500 sevens when they want to run the Oh, a style. Well, actually, the website is like one a Auto and the mirrors on there range from like 250 to 450 and with those you can remove the cap and I'm sure it's a much better quality glass and the third knockoff part. On my trick. I want to talk about. Is this third rear brake light? I think I paid like twenty-five dollars for on Amazon. I'Ve had it on the truck for a few months and up until like two weeks ago, everything has been fine but like to mix ago. I noticed it started to build up a lot of condensation inside and at first it was just sorry at first. It was just along the bottom, but eventually over a few days, the entire lens here or the casing rather was completely filled with condensate, and I thought that it was going to be junk. After that I thought. Maybe the LEDs would burn out, but I was actually surprised a few days after I came out and I noticed that the condensate slowly had decreased and now about a week later, there's nothing in there. So I think I lucked out, but I know, there's third brake lights out there by like recon, and you know more well known brands that you're not going to have that problem and you're, but you're going to spend maybe two three times the price.

Alright guys. I hope you enjoyed the video, like I said when you're on a budget and you're not trying to spend hundreds of hundreds of dollars on aftermarket parts, eBay and Amazon is a great way to get parts. As long as you take care of them, they will last - and it's proven on my truck and it's just as good as those name-brand parts that you're going to spend double or triple the price. This is your first time watching the video hope you liked it. I hope you check out some more of my videos in that. If you do like what you see you subscribe, let's see how be uploading this on Tuesday Saturday I'll be going to a diesel event in Centerville Michigan.

It's a dyno, sled pull and a show and shine diesel event, so I'm going to make a whole trip out of it. I think I'm going to compress it all to one video we'll see so much content. I film should be a good time so watch out for that, hopefully I'll get that video those videos up, let's see the event Saturday, so hopefully I can get those videos posted, maybe that weekend Sunday or you know early next week. So if you suck it in, please give this video a thumbs up, and I will see you next time.

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