5 Trucks That Won’t Last 100,000 Miles

Do you want a rollcall? Do you want a rollcall hashtag? Send it that's great? So these are three things you need to know before: buying the diesel trucks, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ]. What'S up guys, so I finally hit two thousand subscribers. That is super cool. I never thought that I would hit two thousand this quick thanks. Everybody. Let us subscribe and watches my videos. I really appreciate it. Three things you need to know before buying a diesel truck number one. Beetles are more expensive than gases. I know. That'S obvious, but like for my truck it's a 2005 and for what I paid, I definitely could have gotten like a gas truck. That'S five. Six, seven years, newer, with lower miles still in great shape, diesels are just more expensive and gas trucks and, on that same note, don't overpay for your truck there's a lot of guys. You know with these 25 year old farm trucks and they think it's a diamond in the rough, because it's a diesel, that's not the case. Diesel'S do hold their value as long as they're taken care of there's a lot of trucks out there that have 300,000 miles bodies rusted out underneath shot, but they think they're still going to get 25 grand fuller, don't overpay for the trucks number two on the list Is understanding that maintaining the truck is very expensive? For example, I use my truck again for an oil change. I use rotella t6. It'S about 21 bucks, a gallon. I need four gallons. Every oil change the truck holds 15 quarts, four gallons there's about $ 84 and then my feet on my oil filter. It'S about 20 bucks. I used motorcross oil filters and that's not including any oil additives that I use. I'Ve been using R of X as an example. It costs me about $ 65 on Amazon store, two little bottles of it. So you know every every 5,000 miles it's about $ 160 for an oil change fuel filters every 10,000 miles. I got to change both fuel filters. The truck has two fuel filters I just bought. I just did that those fuel filters Motorcraft ran also there's about $ 42 for both so and then diesel fuel itself, you know sometimes it's hit or miss, seems like. Sometimes it's more expensive than gas, and sometimes it's cheaper, regular maintenance, diesel truck parts they're just a lot more expensive than gas truck credits, and the third tip is to understand and learn about the motors. Now, I'm definitely not a diesel mechanic. I don't ever claim to be, but when I was first looking for a diesel before I even wanted to drive, I knew I was going to get a six. Oh no. I was open to Cummings and Duramax and power strokes. I was just trying to find the trust that fit me best and actually, if you want me to do a video on why I chose a stick, so I can do that. Just let me know in the comments, but anyway after I did decide on the 6.0. I was on forums, I was watching YouTube videos. I was on Facebook pages. I was doing all the research that I can to learn the ins and outs of this of this motor. It makes going into owning the truck a heck of a lot easier. For example, just learning what good oils to use what good filters, what good additives you know, just regular maintenance that needs to be done on the truck learning the goods. The bads obviously was my truck. It was not hard to find the badge it's pretty uh, pretty common, what's bad with these trucks, but still going into buying this truck, I knew what to look for so once you figure out whether the come in under a max of power, strokes, there's plenty of Forums you got to take what you can from it watch youtube videos. I know, there's a couple: big YouTube: mechanics like power, stroke help and diesel Petron. I know bezel check line has passed away, but power stroke help both those guys post a lot of good information on 6os and power strokes in general, and I learned a lot some of them. So that's going to do it for the video. I hope you enjoyed it if you stuck to the end, give the video a thumbs up for not already subscribed. Please subscribe I'll, definitely post in a lot most Excel. Videos and diesel truck videos in general. Thanks again have a great day. 
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